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Hi All,

I m experiencing an issue in IPC using GNU Sockets in Linux Enterprise is as follows:

I have small server & client program which run in Linux and Client send a message to the server for processing. Beginning both work fine with no issue. But with the time I notice that the Client got time-out the Sever. when I check the Server side no such a TCP request accept() and read(), but in client side all socket(), connect() and write() success. Then I run the same programs in AIX 5.0 but had no issues at all like I experience in Linux. Again I kept the Client in LINUX and Server in AIX, and had the same issue in Client.Can U put some comments, if U have experience this kind of an issue or any LINUX specific socket programming methodology.

Thank U very much
You'll have to post code that demonstrates the problem.

The sockets library is known to be stable.
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