Problem with international characters and CR

I am porting my code from MS VC++ to Linux. In the way that through FileZilla, I transfer the files to Linux server. However, recently for unknown reason to me, I could not make it. Basically what I did I saved the files with strings made of international characters as UTF-8 without signature. (BOM). I did not use dos2unix, and files were compiled. The rest of ansi files I run through dos2unix command. Even I am not sure that I needed that, because they worked without need for that, if I opened then with Notepad++, it seems that notepad fix that problem with CR. I could do it with MS VC++ advanced saving to chose option for Unix CR/LF. I do not know whether I need to select for utf-8 files?

What I want to know how transfer file with international charaters string (not wstring) from MSVC++ to Linux.. What is procedure and what I am doing wrong? Why g++ compler could not recognize these special string?
I found this:
iconv -f WINDOWS-1252 -t UTF-8  filename.txt


But I don't run Windows, so I can't verify it for you.
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