Curious about ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) development

If I were to buy a Hackberry A10 EVB board, it comes with Android Ice Cream, and it's Linux capable. But can I also run these systems as a bare metal device and vice-versa, meaning back and forth?

I want an EVB environment that allows either Linux, Android, or a bare metal app that I crosscompile with my GNU toolchain.

Just curious if I can have that - the Hackberry is only < $70. I'm willing to spend up to about $100.00. I guess I can just wipe everything away and run it bare-metal when I want to. I want to test Linux vs. bare-metal because I'm not sure in my project which I will need to use.

I've heard that the Odroid X is a better board for the price.

One problem I have is I cannot get through to the miniand online site to order one. Maybe it's already too out-dated a chip?
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Boards ,EVB board are design to accommodated as much input output. this can be likened to the computer Desktop whose board may vary in design. Example, motherboard with on-board sound. Another motherboard with out on-board sound. Price may vary too.
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