Open BIN file

I have a program that generates an output as a BIN file. I'm using cygwin to compile and run the c++ program using MAKE. Now, once the program is done running I want to open the BIN file so that I can see what the data looks like as the output. How to open this BIN file? Thanks for your answers.
Is BIN a file format?
Well, in that case you will have to use a tool that can display this file format. If you cannot find such a tool you might have to look at the file format specification and either write your own tool or use a hex editor to try and extract the data manually.
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I see. Thanks for the answer though.
You can view binary files in vi using %!xxd.
Try bvi.
Use the simply ./"your bin format"
Try using command in terminal hexdump -C yourfile.bin
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