Ubuntu installation issues on MSI GF63 8RD

Hi to everyone!

I'm trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 on my new laptop. I've made everythings, starting from the UEFI settings to GPT or MBR settings.

At first nothings worked, till i've made an USB boot with a disk image (not ISO), so it start in live mode. I've checked that everythings worked and it seems like it.

So i started with the installation, it worked good, but at the end of the installation (when ubuntu ask to reboot your pc) my laptop when freezed, so i forced the shut down and rebooted manually. The Grub worked good and so i tried to launch Ubuntu. Nothing the laptop when freezed another time. I tried to change the kernel from .39 to .29, also i tried the recovery mode but it didn't work.

After a long search i've found a thread - https://diceus.com/software-projects-outsourcing-agents/ - that gives the advice to find in the Ubuntu installation option to find the line that starts with linux then add modprobe.blacklist=nouveau after quiet splash.

I've tried also this but nothing changed.

So what's happening? I've been thinking that could be an issues of the chipset. But if Ubuntu start in the "live mode" why it doesn't work after the installation?

Thanks to everyone that could and would help me!
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You'd be much better off asking here -> https://ubuntuforums.org/
This forum is about programming in C++ on ANY Linux machine.

It's not about specific Linux flavours (like Ubuntu), nor how to install operating systems on reluctant hardware.

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