How can I make this compatable with Windows?

I want to simply make this code compatible with Windows from what I know the easiest way is for it to run in CMD. This was originally created only for Unix but I would like to test it out on a Windows based OS. Thanks, Anon.
C++ Language
Link to source -
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Unix and Windows use diffrent system call names.
Check the comment column on this site --->
and change as needed for win32.

Hope that works

I'm also new to system calls and would like any helpfull websites that will help me gain good understanding of system calls. If you know any "sharing is caring"?

The socket side of things would prob mostly work, but fork(), kill(), etc. are not supported by Windows. You might be able to compile it for CYGWIN, I suppose.
I see the code get mentioned in "Malware Analysis Challenge #6"

The Tsunami - Push/Ack Flooder


Kaiten (IRC DDoS) *
* by contem@efnet *
* *
* This is a IRC based distributed denial of service client. It connects to *
* the server specified below and accepts commands via the channel specified. *
* The syntax is: ...
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