Open file dialog for Linux

I'm trying to find a way to get an open file dialog to open in Linux. The main issue I'm having is that all of the file dialog calls I know of for c++ are contained in the windows.h header file and therefor cant be used on linux. Ive done a bit of searching but so far I have not found anything. Is there a standard call for opening a file browser dialog or open file dialog for Linux or am I going to have to create my own display window and find a way to populate it with the appropriate items? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Incase it helps the version of Linux I'm trying to get it to work on is Ubuntu (lucid version) but I have the ability to run a virtual box of a different Linux flavor if it would make it easier for some reason. Also I'm fine with using non standard libraries if needed as long as they don't cause major issues when used with the cimg library.
There's no default, because there's no default GUI toolkit/desktop environment.
For GTK+ (standard Ubuntu):
For Qt:
Athar, thank you so much. You just saved me a ton of time and one major headache.
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