Make paint program by c++

Hello guys I'm new here and new to c++ world I learned a lot of the book for lafore and I want to know how to make c++ paint program like one in windows where can I start??
thnx in advance
i think you need to learn sdk,like gtk,qt.

then i think you know how to do.
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You need to pick up an API thats being used on your system. On Windows this api is Win32API. On linux I THINK (its been awhile) that there is KDE, and GTK as the prominent user interface api's. Qt is a wrapper for cross platform programming and may suit your needs.

Win32's paint program uses GDI, the graphics component of win32api. So KDE and GTK would need that functionality. Not sure how useful OpenGL or the like would be to you.
Using GTK+clutter might be the way to go.
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Hey I cannot understand anything of this am new and I'm using linux ubuntu and want to use graphics library and mouse library and my notepad(gedit) to make such as prgoram
-Where can I get graphics c++ library
-From where can start(making first window or windows and buttons how to make window in c++)

thnx :)
I think SDL would be worth the time to learn. The tutorials at are great.
SFML is my hero.

The problem that I have with SDL is that it was built for C, not C++... so it still has that C feel. But I would definitely recommend it if you are going to do any programming in C.

EDIT: you could use GTK/Qt for the interface, and then the drawing area could be done with SFML.
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