how to use libcurl

I want to use the libcurl library,but I can't find any tutorial.
On the libcurl homepage, there is a link marked "tutorial".
you can write some code yourself,it's easy.
If you really want to use curl,u can see the source,include the header,and use the function of the interface.I do not think it's difficult.
here is the link include some example.
when I copy that example code,the compiler display undefined the function curl_easy_init() etc.

I doubt that whether I install the library.
You need to include the header file: curl.h, after you run yum/apt-get to install curl library
how to install curl library ?
get the source code ,
where you are using gcc,pls link the static lib.
if not ok,email me:edgarymr AT gmail
Is it so hard to explain how to link a library on the forum instead of doing via e-mail?

Also, undefined reference, when using external libreries, most times mean you didn't link a library file correctly.
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I'm new to c++ and libcurl too. Someone from other forum told me to look into /usr/share/doc/libcurl-devel-7.18.1/ , there's a lot of libcurl examples.

To compile the source add -lcurl parameter

e.g : g++ my.c -o my.o -lcurl
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