3D game programming

I want to make 3D games on linux and I have decide to use OpenGL and C++. I know that OpenGL are only graphics library, so I will need at last sound and input libraries. What libraries can still be needed? It would be best to use cross platform libraries. For OpenGL I have found GLUT library, but it is very old. So will it support OpenGL 4?
And maybe some more info for starter?
Freeglut is open source and still maintained. Since GLUT doesn't do so terribly much it should work ok though. I can't really recommend using glut for actual game programming though - it uses characters for key input, steals your main loop away from you... And of course, it's really just OpenGL. No sound, no other misc stuff you often need in game programming - just OpenGL. It's nice for small sample programs or for practicing OpenGL because the setup is very easy and very OpenGL oriented - for quite a few game API's OpenGL is only an option, and even it always uses OpenGL getting it to create a particular context of your liking isn't always easy.

Btw: For OpenGL 4, make sure your graphics card is fairly recent (not older than 2 years). If it isn't, OpenGL 3.3 is also an option - it's forward compatible to OpenGL 4 (unless you specify backwards compatibility to older OpenGL versions).
SFML provides sound and input, and is happy with OpenGL.
The graphics module doesn't play along with OpenGL 4 though, and you have no way to request a forward compatible and/or a core profile.
will look in both libraries.
My card is GeForce GTX 470. It is pretty new.
Will try to learn slow but certainty.
if you're using OpenGL you won't need to use the graphic module, sound/network/window/system provide a lot of useful tools.
Have you considered Qt? That is x-platform (win/lin/mac) and now under gnu LGPL.
The QGLWidget is very good and it fits into the rest of the toolkit seamlessly!
The download comes with several OpenGL examples to.
SDL provide very good input and setting up screen basic stuffs. And you can use it with OpenGL. Thats what im doing

Almost forgot. SDL also got some extra libraries that allows basic networking for online games. And a guy on youtube called thecplusplusguy explains it well
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I never liked SDL, for the same reason I don't like the windows API, CAPITALS_AND_UNDERSCORES BE EVERYWHERE.
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you can use sfml
but, if you want make a 3d game, dont use it's graphic
just use it for input and or sound and or window
Made some progress and decided to show. But can't here post big post so will give a link to it
A snake game made using freeglut and c++
I think you could try GTK+ but I know no more information.
GTK+ is for GUI only. Not a games. It uses some other library to create games. I looked in it. And I use OpenGL for 2D only temporary, until I will have more experience in graphic programing.
QT might be the new option here, as Qt is very good support to OpenGL as well very alive and very good with input handelling... But I am not sure how great performance it could provide for Highend gaming ? But still it is a choice now...
My problem with 3D programming is that most of the sites out there are outdated in regards to OpenGL it seems (like NeHe last I looked was outdated).
I would not say that NeHe is outdated? When did you last look?
Unless NeHe has been updated in the last couple of months, it has a reputation for teaching to an old version of OpenGL.

http://www.arcsynthesis.org/gltut/ has a good rep, I understand.
Yeah, NeHe has not been updated in a few years last I knew (outside the news posts) and the tutorials are still teaching an old version of OGL that has seen been changed in recent versions (functions changed, parameters dropped/added, etc).
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