Best IDE to be Multiplatform

Hi to the Community C++.

I am creating a new 3D Engine with OpenGL and OpenCL with C++. But i have a problem because i want my engine run in Mac,Windows and Linux. For that i cant use Visual Studio, i need a IDE Multiplatform and see good IDE who QT Creator, Codeblocks, MonoDevelop, CodeElite,etc.
And i dont know what choose?. what recommend me to use. and used one can tell me who is. Advantages and Disadvantages of the IDE.?
Or if posible to programming in OpenGL to run native or i need use a language programming or something like that.
Sorry for my bad english. I dont have writter of english. if i wrong tell me and to change.

Thanks for see and more for respond and help me.
If I were doing this, I would code it on one machine only using my IDE of choice, and do the final building separately on the target hardware.
thanks for replying and your opinion
That is really nice words to follow,
But Eclipse also a good deal, to work with... for multiple platform.
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