Segmentation fault (core dumped) ( 64 bit)

I have no knowledge in this field and do not know how debug it.

I can compile my qt program(C++) in 32bit computer and work well. I also can compile it on 64bit computer, run and input some parameters, but it will exit when I push button to run and show this information.

any person can help me?

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Try compiling with debug symbols (Debug mode in Qt-Creator) and press the Debug button in the IDE.
If you're using a different ide than Qt creator you should compile with g++'s "-g" flag (eg: g++ -g source_1.cpp source_2.cpp -lQtCore -I/usr/include/QtCore etc...).
It is supposed to show you where the segmentation fault is happening.
Thank you for your reply, actually I use the qt3 to write the program, and will to debug it in the qt3.
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