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I have been a Windows programmer for a number of years, and until recently I have ignored the fact that Linux is eventually going to play a large roll in gaming. I understand C++ as a language and how it works, I also understand the WinApi and (parts of) the DirectX SDK. I was wondering how I would go about programming for Linux. I know that the compiler I should use is GCC. (I have some basic programs compiled on my Laptop.) I also know that most Cross-Linux programs have something to do with Xorg.

I need to know more though. If at all possible, could you guys help me locate a tutorial that shows me how to program using OpenGL? From what I see there are many different SDKs of OpenGL and I am not sure which one to use. Preferably, I would like something that works with both WinAPI and (I think Xorg?).

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And by Cross-Linux. I mean programs that work with all of the distros of linux.
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