Does anybody know which kind of scripting language I could use for next given requirements?

I've got a program who, from the Scripting Library point of view, acts like following:

Program -> Script -> Program

I need to pass a Script some data, and the Script should be able to edit it.
It's binary data (char*).

Every instance of the "Scripting engine" must be able to store a pointer.

It also needs a fast constructor.

I've tried chaiscript, but it prefers std::string and its constructor is very slow (1 or 2 seconds).
I've also tried LUA, but it won't handle binary data so good, and interfacing with the program is hard, and in four days I still don't understand how to set my pointer into the object.

Any suggestion?
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python or javascript
I'm not so sure about either one...
Maybe python.
My requirements changed a bit:

The script must call a C++ function with some text, like a printf function.
C++ because it's a thiscall (or at least call a C function with a custom pointer).
I'm considering angelscript right now.
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