Zetcode Winapi tutorials

I'm a beginner C++ programmer, I'm moving over from Java which I had no problems learning. I found the Zetcode tutorials on Java very informative which explains all the code being used in enough detail to easily learn it.

I've come across this http://www.zetcode.com/gui/winapi/

Which more or less has the same format as the Java tutorials.

Before I get in to it, would you recommend it?

The one thing from coming over from Java is I'm used to the one code fits all aspect so the whole difference versions of C++ (which I noticed this is using C99, but I don't know what the differences are) and the Windows API is kind of confusing.

So as I said, for experienced programmers, would you recommend it for a beginner? I wouldn't want to get through it then find out half the information is outdated.

All answers are appreciated.
I haven't read it all, but it seems pretty good.
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