scrollview issue on win7 environment

We are currently maintaining a Windows application (MFC). Which retrieves data
from an XML files.
The XML file contains large data to display the UI components which are
created dynamically in
the CScrollView window or class.

Under Windows XP platform the UI components can be created dynamically and
displayed in the
CScrollView properly. The UI components are so large. 504 components to be
exact. These contains buttons,
labels, edit box, spinners, comboboxes and others. The window or screen does
not get corrupted or
destroyed. The vertical scollbar works properly.

But under Windows 7 platform, the UI components are not displayed properly.
When it reach to a certain group no, the groups are overlapping other groups resulting to a bad display. The vertical scroller or scrollbar does not work properly. I already tried comparing the values that holds the sizes and ranges for scroll member variables but so far they have similar values. This program had already handled the above 32k range scroll range issue.

We are currently maintaining this project in a Visual Studio 2005 C++ project (IDE).
Maybe one of the next links might help. 

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