Question about merging " Adding " another exists .exe with Project GUI C++

Hello Everyone; This is my first topic :: i'll be glad to share my experince with all of you in addition to have some of yours as well;
My qustion is :: How can i add and exising .exe file [ might be some of my Release .exe files ] to a new project?
Example :: I have a TempreatureConverter.exe && CurrencyConverter.exe both were Debuggd on Realese mode and working great; But i want to make them in "One" Single .exe [ which i will call it " UnitsConverter.exe " ];
This UnitsConverter.exe when i run it, want it to have both ( TempreatureConverter.exe && CurrencyConverter.exe inside it);
*its a GUI program; and want it to be like " All in One Program ";
Explanation :: i have the user interface ready, but i want to link " bind " a .exe to a button; so when the user click on the button installation begins;
i had made a buttons to open"start" specific Websites like Google, etc...
ie :: So how can i make buttons to start program from inside my progect .exe?
any help will be appretiated; Thanks in advance.
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While it's possible for one executable run another, it is more usual to link the required functions together in one exe. (I am assuming you wrote the temperature and currency converter programs?)

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Hi Zaki,

If I understand your Question correctly.

First create a new project, then add both the EXE to the resources in a binary format. Then program a window using Windows API and make two buttons one called: "TempreatureConverter.exe" and the other one of the "CurrencyConverter.exe"

Then assign them a value. Then in the Window Callback create a WM_COMMAND in the UINT switch statement then put:
if(LOWORD(wParam) == VALUE){}

To compare what has been clicked then if CurrencyConverter dedicated button has been clicked drop the "CurrencyConverter.exe" resource file to the HDD or simple Start it from memory vice versa.

@Andy :: Thanks For your help; yes i know to make more than one function insid a class and call every function, but i want it on GUI; btw i use Windows Forms Application"GUI" MSV C++ Express 2010; i am new to GUI; i have wrote alot of CLI Programs { temperature and currency converter programs } one of them; but on GUI; the only thing i mad is to make a button open websites; i will include a screenshot.

@SpaceWorm :: Thanks alot for your help and thanks for fast response;as i refered to [ Andy ] ; i am new in GUI Development and i use Windows Forms Application ( so obivisouly the whole interface " main waindo " is already done ) and just need to add buttones && menu stip etc and write the code for each button on ( Double Clicking that button )..i will be glad to help improve other users in this forum.

GUI ::
CLI ::
-> ::

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