How to detect that file\folder is being accessed or not?

For example if anyone just visited(and not making any changes) E:\Documents how can i detect that ? i tried ReadDirectoryChanges() but it detects changes only if something is modified inside the folder.
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What do you mean by "visit"? Is this with Explorer? Or??

ReadDirectoryChanges (sort of) works for me -- with FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_LAST_ACCESS -- when I use Explorer to visit the folder (as it looks at one of the files, when it changes to a new folder?), but not if I use the console (i.e. cd to directory and use dir.)

Does it not work at all for you?

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By "visit" i mean if anyone tries to see the content of the directory (list files and folders, for example if i double click on folder and see whats inside from explorer or dir (or cd [target folder] ) command from console).

i tried FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_LAST_ACCESS, it was not showing any notification when i accessed the target folder from explorer or console.
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I've had another look.

When I navigated to a folder using Explorer, my test program was detecting something's happened. But I now see it's because something (my virus scanner?) is checking the binary files which are found there, not because of the change of folder.

I used a folder where I keep all my test apps for the testing, which was a mistake. Using a different folder which just contains text files, the app doesn't trigger.

So, unfortuately, I don't have the "fix" I hoped I had! :-(

Is there any other way to achieve the same goal ? another function beside ReadDiretoryChanges from api or any other technique?
Well, I don't know of one.

If no one else responds here, and Google has already failed you, you could try posting to the appropriate Microsoft forum?

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