How to destribute C program to client ?

Hey everyone ....This is my first real world program.I am confused (Actually i don't know ) how to distribute my program to my client ? The program is taking text file and making connection with comport to send sms to many clients when it is over it will delete the file and make the comport free nothing hard job is there.. I have programmed it in C. But i don't know how to distribute it to my client can any one describe the process in depth. I request you to put some worth reference to read because i want to clear this topic in depth. Thank you for reading my post and giving me your important time. I am waiting for your intelligent suggestions.Thank you.
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Use an installer, like all real world programs do these days. Most used are NSIS or Inno Setup (both are free)
Thank you. It gave me some way. Another question, Is C program portable ? (I mean portable in windows platform ) When i built my project it is creating the ".exe" file. Should i consider as the final copy ?
I apologized if i have embraced you. But we haven't taught in schools nor i found this topic in any of my books.I think i should be taught that how to distribute your C program to client and what are the limitations of it.
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It usually depends on how compiler is configured or whether you used static or dynamic linking.

The best way to check is just attempt to run the EXE file on a fresh installed windows system and see if it runs there.

You can also use tools like Depedency Walker:
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