How to use hardware Drivers

Hi, i'am new with the Hardware Drivers interfacing. does anyone have good tutorial of how to implement in C++? IDE i used is Code Blocks, i dont know how the call back function will be write to this IDE.

and also this line
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

typedef sgs_API UINT (WINAPI *pGetEntryPoints)( sgs_ept **pEPT );
typedef sgs_API UINT (WINAPI *pGetAPIVersion)( void );
typedef sgs_API UINT (WINAPI *pGetDriverVersion)( char * );
typedef sgs_API void (WINAPI *pDispDriverVersion)( HWND, UINT, UINT );

#ifdef __cplusplus

many lines of this error below.

//## i get error somthing # expected ')' before '*' token #
what doest it mean?
can some one convert it to the code blocks syntax or explain something...

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