Help with making my own application

i would like someone to help me out with making my own application to be honest it shouldent be hard to do at all, no joke! its only two buttons and one links to a music page where it already has (pre)loaded music for people to listen to, and the other button is a link to my game that is a .EXE file.... it all has to be in a METRO style... can anyone code this for me or teach me what to do?
it almost the same with c++
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This sample show how to do it using C#, but it should be easy enough to convert to C++/CX

Quickstart: Creating a media player app (Windows Store apps using C#/VB/C++ and XAML)

This sample is in native C++

Media engine native C++ video playback sample


Windows 8 Video Player v2

XAML media playback sample

And this framework

Player Framework: an open source component of the Microsoft Media Platform

By the way, the advantage of using C++/CX, C# or another .Net language, rather than native C++, is that the same build of an app will run on multiple target platforms.

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And for smooth streaming, see:

A Simple Windows 8 Smooth Streaming Media Player with a Slider Bar Control

A Simple Windows 8 Smooth Streaming Media Player

And HTML5 video playback

HTML media playback sample

(this uses javascript...)

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