Hey please help quickly.

I wanna change the cursor that you have when your mouse is in a window you made, when you click a button, how can I achieve this, I have made the button, I have made the message telling the window the button is clicked, how do I change the cursor ? Because this is in a whole different scope then when the cursor was called the first time.
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sdl can i believe
I need to do it through Win32
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does this help?
Yeah, but how does it know what window to make the cursor popup with? :o theres no hwnd call
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sorry im at a loss now
Thanks anyway, maybe you can answer one of my other questions, like when you make a window applications how do you make the command prompt go away without completely closing the program? :o
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are you in code blocks?
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i copied this from an sdl tutorial and the instructions are just a little out of date but they work
Now start up Code::Blocks and create a new empty project.

Then save the project where ever you want. I know Code::Blocks has an SDL project template, but I personally found it to be more combersome than doing things manually.

7)Next, go to the project -> properties.

8)Under the Build Targets tab, set Type to "GUI application". This is to make sure a console window does not pop up.
Well at one point I will need the console window, just not right off the bat. xD That does make things rather annoying, but thats what has to be done.
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worst case scenario: system("command");
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