C++ WinForms in VS-Ex

Does anyone know where I can get the WinForms packages which come with MSVS so I can add them to my MSVS-Express.

And please just don't spam me with "Buy the product" because I can't, I only need this one thing and if you've got nothing helpful to contribute don't bother...

And thanks in advance for anyone who is able to help or point me in the right direction. :)
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It has been removed in VS 2012

But, you can add a Windows Form to your project.

Go to Project\Add New Item\
Then go to the UI Section under Visual C++
Then Windows Form.

You can also download the previous version here:

Hope this helped
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The actual parts of the program that make and work with the forms have been removed from the express version, they're available in the full product but still don't appear on the menu (but that's not my problem).

I have downloaded VC++ 2010 but I'm having a few problems transferring some solutions I need into 2010... Also Intellisence isn't working in the 2010 version for some reason. There's also problems todo with mt.exe or something which apparently doesn't have a solution other than to turn off antivirus or run as administrator.

So if possible 2012 files that work with winforms would be nice please!
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I don't know if it is completely possible to transfer projects from 2012 to 2010. I have with 2010 and 2012 and the only thing I had to do was delete the<project name>.pdb (I think). Intellisense never really worked when I used 2010.
Omg I can't believe this worked!
I've just gone through the directories where VC10 and VS12 are installed and I've basically transferred everything from 10 into 12 using "don't copy conflicting files" in the hope that it'll add the VISUAL C++ and not affect anything else... It's worked!

I'm not sure if intelligence works for the form or not yet but the form project can be created and compiled successfully.
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