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Hi everybody, i have just finished a book about native API with C/C++. Now i quite grasp of the WinAPI mechanism and can start to code some simple programs.
My question is, should i continue to master the API, or use it as a base to learn a high-level such as .NET? Which is better when i come into practical Windows programming?
Finally, if i want to really build a project, a good pratical one, any recommend? Starting learn analysis and design?

I dont know which book it was (I assuming the Charles Petzold book?), but I would recommend mastering Win32 API because it is a powerful, efficient, and great API to use. It has hundreds of functions that allow you to really build a good application for the ground up.
WinAPI is better if you want to do general windows programming (Windows 7, windows 8,even windows 9). It also does not change much but things are added to it with each new windows version(Some the API still applies form Windows 98).

I suggest a good project to work on is a simple word editor, this will get learning about text, Unicode, basics of application design, formatting text, and much more.
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windows 9
wait what?
Thank very much, Hertz! I keep that in mind :)
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there is a 99.9%, Windows 9 will be for 32-bit or 64-bit systems, which means you can just use win32 API or win64 API.
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no i mean theres news about windows 9
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