Making a program to display a web page!

OK can someone help me making a program with tabs to display a web page like Facebook or twitter i already made the program but i am not good at coding what the program will do is you cant switch to another website(like Google) it will only display the link i tell it to show.

Please Help!
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you need to look into a library that has networking and html parsing ie sdl or sfml. source forge has some xml parsing libraries so you could just change the keywords. what do you mean you already have the program but your horrible at coding?

As DTSCode did specify look up those as well as my idea : WinInet.
WinInet contains\offers rich and dynamic experience to integrate Internet into your Applications.

WinInet MSDN link:

Using WinInet:

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i already designed the program but i am not a good coder i mean i know how to edit codes and things but not to create a code that my problem!
Your use of the words "made" and "designed" seem to be rather loose...

As this is the Windows forum, the least cost route to achieve your aim is probably going to be to host the WebBrowser control. But this isn't going to be so trivial for an inexperienced code as it's an ActiveX control.

See, for example:

Using the WebBrowser control, simplified

Note this example uses MFC so won't build with the Express edition of Visua Studio. Working with the WebBrowser control is possible with the Express edition, but it will be rather harder, as MFC and ATL provide a lot of assistance for routine use of ActiveX controls.

There are open source alternatives like WebKit, which can be used with GUI libraries (e.g. for wxWidgets there's wxWebConnect,; for Qt there's QtWebKit; ...) but they have their own issues.

(Note that embedding of Gecko, the renderer used by Firefox, is no longer supported.)

BTSCode and SpaceWorm are apparently suggesting that you write your own web-browser (downloading the content with WinINet -- or even WinSock2 -- and then parsing the HTML, and rendering, and evaluating the javascript, etc), which might be a tad diffcult as you're not a good coder...


WebBrowser Control

The WebKit Open Source Project

The wxWebConnect Project


Qt Port of WebKit

Embedding Gecko
Warning: Embedding of Gecko is no longer supported.
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If you are not very "good" programmer, normally it means you need to still practice the subjects\basics all again.

Therefore I will only advice you to practice the subject before you work on practical subjects.

i already designed the program
you cant switch to another website
it will only display the link i tell it to show.

If I'm understanding you, you can already display a webpage, but you can't switch to another webpage. If that's the case, then why don't you just add something like a text box control that reads the website the user types and a button that tells the browser to load whatever is there?

If I'm not understanding you, then I'd recommend using the webkit library (maybe I'm weird, but I think the original, C implementation is the easiest to understand). In my opinion, webkit is very easy to use, very fast, and very powerful. andywestken already posted links for two versions. I'd also look into the GTK+ implementation...
You might also want to read up about site-specific browsers, as that's what it sound like you want to develop.


Site-specific browser
Maybe you could do it the other way around by linking the internet with your program? That might not be exactly what you want to do but will be a lot easier.
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