Medial Library Question [Rouge Like Dev]

Hello C++, I am your friendly neighborhood lurker here, who has made extensive use of the amazing amount of resources here, and after a quite long period of console programming, and getting the basics down to where I feel comfortable taking on my first "Learners Project".

Rouge Like...

Yes, the same cookie cutter story, novice programmer wants to take on the world of games, HOWEVER.

This novice has paid close mind to the teachings of others, do not use console. I don't plan to, although I am sure I could, (Curses, Colors, etc) I want to attempt to use a media library first, to get a much better footing not only in Game Development Process, but widening what I must learn to achieve my goal.

My question is, what library to work with?

I am currently a Code::Blocks junkie, as Sublime Text doesn't offer much in the form of IDE, and seems like many people steer newbs clear of Dev++ recently.

I am very torn between SDL, and SFML, but was wondering what other library's are out there. Also, lastly if anyone has some links to documentation, comparison, or accounts where other games have used said library in a Rouge Like project, please post something.

Things I am really looking for, SourceCode where the project used SDL, SFML, or another lib, or any sort of advice on which way to go.
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