Help with a C++/C Project (Ray Tracer, Canvas)

Hey guys. Me and my teacher are working on a project to make a simple Ray Tracer application (give realistic lightning effects to simple 3D objects, like spheres and cubes from various angles). Before he gives me any kind of code of the ray tracer he asked me to create a simple application on visual studio that when i run it, will open a empty white/black window which will be a canvas or even give to each pixel of this canvas a random colour. He told me that on the web there are huge ammounts of examples for something like this but i searched a lot and didn't find anything. Probably because i don't know how to search or what to search for as it's something very specific.
Does any of you programming master's have any idea's to help me or give me some good starting tips or even useful links with examples that i can follow? I will greatly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!
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