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I have been googling this for a while now, but nothing I have found will work.
I am getting this error:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _D3DXCreateSprite@8 referenced in function "public: void __thiscall 
Graphics::initialize(struct HWND__ *,int,int,bool)" (?initialize@Graphics@@QAEXPAUHWND__@@HH_N@Z)

I have included d3d9.h and d3dx9.h in Graphics.h. I have also added d3d9.lib to the project.

Thank you!
The function you are looking for, "_D3DXCreateSprite()" can be found in "d3dx9d.lib" in the Microsoft DirectX SDK. It is distinctly different from 'd3d9.lib' which is in the regular Microsoft SDK.
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Thanks for the reply. It says it can't open the file 'd3dx9d.lib'

Edit: I have located the file in the same folder as d3d9.lib
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Does it say why it can't open it? That's a very strange error.
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I think I need to tell to search for the .lib file in another directory, but I am not sure how. I could find out how to do it in VS2010 but not in 2012.
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I found how to do it. Thank you!
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Well, actually I still have a problem :(
I have put the path for the directory that has 'd3dx9d.lib' to the additional library dependencies under linker->General, and then I added 'd3dx9d,lib' to the additional dependencies under linker->input. It didn't say it couldn't find the file, so apparently it can open it. But, I am still getting the same errors.

Edit: I fixed it.
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