WinAPI Windows 7 Taskbar Tutorial

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I want a tutorial on how to use the Windows 7 taskbar API (eg. Jump Lists, Icon overlay, progressbar under icon, thumbnail toolbars). I have found a couple tutorials on this with MFC, but not with WinAPI. So, what is a tutorial on this using WinAPI?

Thank you!
I'm quite sure it is possible, but you need to know how COM works.
It WILL WORK and RUN on native C++.
If you make a port to it, it will also do on C.
But I don't know anymore to it. I just know W7's shelled side uses COM.
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@EssGeEich I knew it was COM. What, exactly, is native c++?
By native C++ I mean you don't need ATL, Managed C++, MFC or CLI.
They are all MS-only language extensions/features/libraries.

Native C++ gets translated directly into assembly code, just like a simple "Hello World" program in C++.
Using ATL/CLI/Managed, the program will/may run slower, because it is/may be "bloated" with things you may not need.
MFC is just a library, but it can only be used on ultimate/premium visual studio.

So, Native C++ is the faster/more convenient/cheaper way to get on it.

Still, I can't help anymore but to tell you to look into MSDN and look for examples and related interfaces.
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@EssGeEich Thank you for clearing that up. I only use native c++ anyway.
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