How to use DirectX?

I was wondering if anyone knows about directx. I know a fare amount of C++ and I want to learn DirectX. I was wondering if anyone knows some good tutorials. I would also like to know if I have to download the DirectX SDK or if Visual Studio 2012 Express comes with the Windows SDK (which includes directx) Thanks!
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You have to download the DirectX SDK.
This site is great:
I do like that ite but it is expensive
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Yeah, I was just about to say that when you posted the last time. I have actuall gotten a book before I got to the premium section of the tutorial.
I just found out on the msdn page that apparently visual studio comes with the windows SDK. I think the best way to learn this might be to go on msdn
Does anyone know of some good, preferably free, tutorials? (For directx)
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