Problem with Dev-C++!

I'm making a Win32 application, and compiling worked fine... until now. Dev-C++ throws a syntax error in my face. It shows the error in an empty line of the private resource. I tried to delete the resource, but upon regenerating, I still get the error. How can I remove it?
Try creating the resource with ResEdit:

Or post which line gives an error.
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Here is it:
2 /* DO NOT EDIT! */
4 #include "mymenu.rc"
5 (line which produces the error)

You're at least using wxDev-C++ right: ? Usually I just assume people are writing the name short hand but I just want to make sure.

Shouldn't Line 4 be a .hpp file and not the name of the resource file itself?

Could you copy and paste the entire error from dev-C++? What happens after you start adding resources to the file?

No, the program doesn't generate .hpp files. Maybe I should reassemble the project or use Orwell Dev-C++.
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You can't use a resource file without a header file, this is a fact. Just like when you link to another .c\.cpp file, the header file is what defines declares the data in a resource file to the rest of the program.

Again, please copy and paste the entire error given to you by Dev-C++, if you add up all of the contributors on this site I guarantee that collectively we have made every possible mistake and have seen every error code so chances are someone here has seen the error your are getting before.
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