How do you link together wxWidgets, Codelite, MinGW, and OpenGL

Hi everyone. I've just started learning to use OpenGL in C++ and so far I have not a clue of how to install it. I want to beable to use it with wxWidgets. I already have installed codelite 5.1 with wxWidgets and Mingw. I have looked at freeglut, glut the opengl site and it's just really confusing. Please help.
you must either download a version that matches your MinGW version or compile the library yourself.

wxWidgets for windows already has OpenGL included, so there is no need to download anything (most likely).

The class you need is wxGLCanvas.
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The way I installed wxwidgets and mingw was I installed it in a codelite package. I downloaded FreeGLUT and it works except I get this error within wxGL.h

gl.h no such file or directory
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