How to list current process and their path and kill a process by name???

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Hi all,
How can I list the current process along with their paths and also kill a process by its name as well as show its path to the user ???
Thankyou everyone in advance!!! :)

You have example code on that page, anyway I have a feeling that is useless for you :)
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Thankyou modoran:)
I read many MSDN docs...
now i know how to list processes and kill processes...
But, what I want is to make a
GUI in winapi a simple listbox
with all the process and PID...
and I need to update the listbox to display new processes...
and the user can kill the process by selecting it and clicking "end process" ...
Can anyone give an example code???
Please help me with this:)
Thankyou everyone in advance!!! :)
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The code is basically the same, just need to add a timer or something that the GUI refreshes itself , say once per second. Read about SetTimer() API and WM_TIMER message.
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