WebBrowser control and -library


You've probably heard of this problem a thousand times before, but I'll post it anyway.

I want a web browser control in my application. I want to add it like if it was an Edit or a Static. I know you have to do a lot of COM-stuff beforehand, and that's fine, but I do not want any MFC or any thing that remotely resembles that involved in my project, and I do not want to have to add 20 .h and .cpp files to my project just to add a webbrowser control.

For chrissakes, it's gotta be possible to create a project like this:

main.cpp: creates the window containing the webbrowser and the WinMain
browser.h: contains whatever is needed for main.cpp and browser.cpp
browser.cpp: contains the functions that sets up the browser control.

And of course I have searched the internet and I know about <mshtml.h> and IOleObject and such, but I can only seem to find libraries that add the web browser which consist of 20 files or more... and I mean, come on, in .NET you simply drag it onto your form...

Thank you in advance :)
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