share my practicing project?

I want to share my practicing project.
(developing alone doesn't feel good.)

It's just object oriented practicing. I am not that good so far.

The goal is practicing 'open to extend' principle.

I implement map, and view first. then I added controller and cursor(mouse).

Clicking map is just for a test.

So far, you can use arrow to move view, move mouse to move cursor, click anywhere inside console to see an effect.

I've learn from not-so-good project.
So I wish my project helpful.

Also, it would be really nice to have advice.

thanks for reading.

I didn't include binary file because of security issue.
The project file is for Code Blocks. But you can import it and compile from visual studio or eclipse, etc.


clicking animation effect:
move view around to see other side of map.(by arrow buttons)
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