A simple question about UAC?

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Hi all,
you can elevate to admin using ShellExecute and when you do so it will say "your program wants to take over the computer"
but some say "this program wants to unistall software" and "this program needs your permission to run" ...
How will I get the right one?
Is there a verb for ShellExecute() I know 'runas' ...
but the different boxes?
how will you do so?
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Please reply guys:)

Sorry, research -- The Question itself if flawed and it makes no sense. What so ever. Please re-write the question.

Why are you not leaving this forum - I thought you wanted to leave. Believe it or not...on IRC, people are laughing at your Questions.

Please do research.
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ignore orion ara. he shouldnt be saying things like that and obviously doesnt know how to behave himself

@ DTSCode: OrionMaster may seem like he's being harsh but I've been watching these two go back and forth for awhile now and I can see where he's coming from. Although his questions seem interesting, OP is a script kiddie and doesn't actually want to learn anything.
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ok my bad then. i came into it cold and just saw orion as attacking a user
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what I mean is:
there are different UAC boxes...
I want the right box for the right stuff...
for example :
if i wanna unistall software then i want the uac to display "this prog wants to uninstall software "
I have seen such UAC boxes a lot of times...
and even some say
"this prog wants your permission to run"
How will i get the right one???
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Thanks! ComputerGeek01 for clearing it. I appreciate that.
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Please reply guys:)
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