Game Needs Windows programmer

I'm writing a game in c++ using OpenGL and I need a competent windows programmer for setting up windows associated with output, file browsing, and menu bars.

If anyone is interested email me at catman356 -at- gmail [dot] com

check it out over at:

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this should be in the jobs section
There's a job section? This is more like a learning project though.
Job doesn't always mean pay.
There should be a "Edit Topic" button somewhere who will allow you to change section.
Just specify no pay, or whatever license you're targeting.
General/Beginner/Windows/Unix are more programming-questions-related, Lounge is the offtopic, and Jobs for these kind of requests (Teaming up and Program requests).

Site's not loading up for me tho, but it may be a fault on my side.

I noticed that your emitter emits particles in a rectangle, but that behavior seems weird. I'm working on a cross-platform Game-Engine in OpenGL, and how I made a particle emitter was by defining a point where the emitter is located, then I'd make more by changing the lifespan variable and amount of particles that the emitter can have at maximum. I'd also have a "strength" variable which would determine how far away a particle could spawn. A plus to doing this is that it will save you ~36 bytes of ram for each particle emitter, which really isn't much (I'm an optimization freak) but if you want to target older PCs then It'd probably add up.

I also noticed that "Modern Combat" has it's release date in 2012, that was almost a year ago, you should update accordingly.

Oh, before I forget; what model format are you using for your models?
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