Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

I'm trying to use VS 2013 (C++), but EVERY TIME I get errors (even on an Hello World!).
Example (image):
#include <iostream>
int main()
	std::cout << "Hello, World";

What's happening?
You are probably creating a GUI project.
Try creating an empty project and manually adding main.cpp file.
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yes, it is a gui project. like SGH said, you can create an empty project or a console application project
Oh, and Win32 apps give me errors (empty win32 project). How can I fix it (to run like in Code::Blocks)?
Which errors? The same?
Would be helpful to see your code... But i think it could be something with a library not in your VS-Project properties...
A Win32 project is not empty. You need the option that says "Empty" and nothing else.
Why bother choosing 'empty project' when 'win32 console application' is available and is exactly what OP wants ?
Because it is not exactly what the OP wants. It forces the use of precompiled headers, and it also forces you to use a non-standard alternative to main.
Fixed: Visual C++ EMPTY project.
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