Hard Disk Error

Hi everyone, is there a software that can fix hard disk errors? please give me a link., thanks!
What exact errors are you having? Data corruption? Harddrive overheated?
i don't know what's the exact reason why i am having this error ., but my laptop easily becomes hot as a result it suddenly turns off. this happened many times then one time an error appeared which says "Windows detected a hard disk problem. backup your files immediately to prevent information loss, . . . " ., until such time that windows can't start anymore ., a blue screen appears after the dialog "starting windows", i reformatted my hard disk and try to install windows 7 but at the point when you have to select which partition would windows be installed, there is a dialog that says "windows can't be installed on this disk. the disk may fail soon"; i still tried to install windows . it was successful but now i am encountering the same hard disk error message. please help me fix it.,
Hard disks die. You may need to buy a new one, they don't normally last more than 4-5 years. How long have you had the HD?
i bought this laptop last march 2012.
I hope you still has warranty, if not buy a new hard disk (or a new laptop)
indeed., any suggestions what brand?
For the laptop or the hard drive? For HD's I normally use Seagate, laptops its all down to the price:power ratio...
I'd also suggest an SSD since you're buying a new drive anyway. Seagates are nice but Western Digital is just as good per price point in my experience. It's going to come down to how much money you have to spend and how much data you have to store but if you can live with you music and other stuff being on an external drive then go with an SSD for their speed and how robust they are.
Thank you everyone!.
Try HDTune--a HD software
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