Are there any repercussions to installing code::blocks EP when another version of code::blocks is already installed?

The title.

I installed EP ( in order to use fltk for stroustrup's principles and practice. I'm running into strange roadblocks for everything I try to do. Weird compiler-time errors that show up in seemingly-random lines of standard library headers. Even when I'm only trying to compile the default fltk template project.

The code::blocks I already had installed was 12.11. I did not uninstall it. I just installed EP in addition to it. It was in a different folder of Program Files, so I didn't think there would be anything conflicting going on.

Also, whenever I start up 12.11 now, I get this "compiler auto-detection" prompt where it gives me a list of compilers and tells me which are invalid, which includes most of them except for things like GCC. I used to never get this.
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