I need some advice on how to start developing a voxel game

So I dont know where to start on making a game. Iv`e heard voxel games are easier to make, and I wanted to try make one. Should i use opengl. If yes how do i get it opengl working with visual express 2013. If not wich 3d libraries should i use. I know making a game will be challenging but i want to try. I know some c++ not to much. Will this task be possible to achieve for me? Thanks for any help.
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I personally disagree. Yes, minecraft voxel style is easy to create. Though I don't think you understand. Voxels are not just cubes. Search Yogventures Dev log. Basically there a indie team making a game for these youtubers called the Yogscast. Those blocks used in there game are voxels.


EDIT: There voxels are cubes there really smooth terrain.
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