Hi, can someone give me link, or write functions of this header? I dont want links to WinApi, I want where thif functions are described like:
Sleep( ), SetConsoleCursorAttribute( ) etc. Can someone help?
The problem with your request is that these function aren't defined in their header files, they are only declared there; "Sleep()" being declared in winbase.h and "SetConsoleCursorInfo()" being declared in wincon.h. The actual functions are exported from Kernel32.dll which your compiler is able to link to using either kernel32.lib or libkernel32.a.

I could link you to WINE's documentation of their implementation: but somehow I suspect that this isn't what you are looking for.
If you are just looking for documentation on how those functions work... MSDN is the #1 go-to source.

Just google "MSDN <function name>" and the first hit will give you all the details on exactly how to use these functions.

Although if you are doing things like Sleeping in a console program... and changing the console cursor position... you're probably doing it wrong... but that's another topic.
Thanks, that was what i wanted;)
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