EXE built with VS2013 Toolset v120_xp crashes on Win 2003 Server ?

in VS 2013 I've created a new MFC application with the VS MFC Assistant with default options. Then I changed the toolset from default "v120" to "v120_xp" because the application must run on XP and 2003 Server (no other changes !)

The application works well on XP.

It can be startedon Win 2003 Server as well; but if one chooses menu item "View", "Customize" then the EXE crashes with eventlog entry:
Faulting app MFCApplication1.exe, Version, faulting Modul comctl32.dll, Version 6.0.3790.5190, erroradress 0x000076a3.
This happens on all Win 2003 server machines I have tried.
But it doesn't happen on any XP machine.

The crash occurs in mainfrm.cpp:
void CMainFrame::OnViewCustomize()
CMFCToolBarsCustomizeDialog* pDlgCust = new CMFCToolBarsCustomizeDialog(this, TRUE /* scan menus */);
when pDlgCust->Create(); ist called.

Is toolset "120_xp" not compatible with Win 2003 Server ?

Is there a solution for this problem ?
Any hints where I could search ?

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