Windows Form Programming

Hi ,

i want to ask you guys if i need to know windows form programming also if it usefull in profesional programing , or its just for fun ? i am still doing just console aplications in vc++ but i want to make some better programs like bots on some forums etc . i think so i can do it in form with web browser ...

can anyone give me good tutorial to windows form programing ?

is there way to program some operations that will run in WebBrowser which is inserted in TForm ? but without MouseClick(x,y) some logic commands which find for example window where you write name and then password etc ...


For what it's worth, I'm an old UNIX guy. When I need to write a Windows program, I use an old copy of Borland C++. The product is currently produced by embarcadero. It's a really nice and very intuitive framework for producing GUI programs in C++.

I'm sure there are many others. I just mention this as a possibility. I've heard the Qt is good also.
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