C++ update check

Hello, i am wondering how to return data from my PHP script to my C++ program. Thanks in forward.

That's update check.
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Use libcurl for example to make a HTTP request to your webserver:
How to include, and what code shall i use?
There are code examples on libcurl website.
How to include, i ccant.

They are not right answers for me.
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It might help if you explained in a little more detail what you want to do. Then someone can provide a more detailed answer.
Well, PHP will run <?php echo "0.1" ?> and program will retrive that, and download if needed.
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As I told you, libcurl website already has example code. Here it is:

However, as you put the problem, I don't think you will get very far, unfortunately.
Sorry, but i cant include, and i didnt saw that example. So i guess my question is: how to include in Visual C++ 2010 express?
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