Problem while executing c++ program, two identical terminals are triggered!


i use visual studio for my c++ projects. This is probably not a visual studio problem rather my computers. When i compile and run my programm e.g. with ctrl+f5 a terminal opens (as it should), the programms seems to be fine and continuing , but after 10-15 seconds it closes an reopens again to re-execute. Now the second time it finishes as it should. Does anyone have any idea how i can fix this? This is not exactly a visual studio problem since its is happening in any environment that i use c++ e.g. omnet++ simulator.

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Is this a new issue, or has it been this way for the whole time that visual studio has been installed?

Did you recently update VS from an older version?

If you execute the compiled binary from a command line or by double clicking on it instead of from your IDE does this happen?

Do you get an error Window or a Dr. Watson crash report after this happens?

Does the issue persist if you start a new project and copy and paste your stuff in?
Hello, thank you very much for your reply,

this problem started when i formated my pc (and reinstalled VS) also this happens also in the omnet++ simulator. It seems maybe something is not installed properly after the format. Any clues?
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