A large bundle of questions

Title is the description.
Here are my questions:

Why does not this work? When I run my program that detects key strokes it clearly says 1 or that left mouse button is pressed.
2.I've had a project-Encryption/Decryption program,but I can't seem to Encrypt files like .exe or .jpg because for some reason the file after decryption is corrupted,tho it has the same size and same ANSI chars like the file in the past.
Encryption works fine for text-I have a pretty nice mechanism that is complex and after encryption it turns text into ANSI chars(àÄΣ|...).
Is there anyway to fix this?
3.Is there a(free)C++ Ebook with Windows programming/OpenGL?
4.Is there a simple understandable way to send emails in c++. I've got a thing with VBS which works. Tried telnet in system command but it won't connect properly or when it does it showes nothing when typing.
5.How to hook webcam to record and save the record on my computer.(on my balcony lol xD,tried webcam test sites)

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