Need help making game engine

Hi my question is how to make my own game engine using the library windows.h and iostream only to render geometric figures
If you've been coding inside other games for a while, then you know what an engine gives you -- all the stuff you had when you were working with those other games...

There's 2 main parts:

* the runtime
** Usually a library of code / an SDK that will be linked into a game's exe.
** This includes all the common utilities that the game needs: rendering, physics, asset loading, timers, multi-threading building blocks, language bindings (e.g. Lua), etc...

* the tool-chain
** First you've got to figure out which DCC applications your artists/content-creators want to use.
** This includes the compilers/importers/exporters/scripts for getting models, textures, audio, etc into a format that the runtime can use. You can refer to the website They have a lot of simple games

N.B. I'm not of the opinion that it's a bad idea to make an engine. Instead, I put it in the category of "if you need to ask, then you aren't yet ready" -- you should use other engines to make games until you're able to answer the question yourself.

An oldie, but still good at teaching the basics of Windows game programming without DirectX or other graphics libraries:

Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours

Going through the chapters you learn what a game engine does for you, and what it doesn't do. Step by step you learn how to use the Windows API for graphics and sound/music.

The book and its content is seriously out-dated, but is still a good way to learn the basics you can later adapt and improve.
I congratulate you for wanting to make your own engine. I've said many times, you don't build your house on somebody else's foundation, because you'll never own the home you built.

Although, many people who have taken the time to write there own has said, If I knew how much time and effort it would have taken me, than I don't think I wouldn't have done it.

With that said, I've spent a lot (and I do mean a lot) of time working with strictly text processing, and mostly what I've got are code templates to copy and paste when I start of each new game project & code challenge weekend. I honestly don't know if a basic starting template, which lets the app keep updating graphics/command line prompt and count time while there is no keyboard input, is an engine.

As for rendering geometric shapes to the screen. I've had no luck with that, and I've turned to libraries like SDL. If you can code your own, than you'd be unstoppable in the programming market.

Wish you luck ... and skill!
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As for rendering geometric shapes to the screen. I've had no luck with that

Should not be a problem for him since he wants to use the Win API which has functions like Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon....
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