Proper Windows 8-64 bit driver for Arduino Yun

Hello,I'm confused about the situation. I am trying to setup Arduino ( environment under Windows 8-64bit running on VMWare Fusion 6.0.2 host machine. I connect the Yun to my windows machine and the device get detected under windows but windows is unable to find proper driver for my Yun Board.

So I have opened the windows device manager to select a proper .inf file for my Yun Arduino. So I have gone through following steps:

1-Going to Device Manager 2-Selecting OtherDevices (Arduino Yun) 3-Update Driver 4-Browse my computer 5-Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer 6-show all devices 7-picking the "arduino.inf" file that exists in the x86 (32-bit) version of the windows Arduino IDE ( 1.5.4r2 under drivers folder. 8- Few seconds of progression and then BOD Windows crashes!?! (Error message is BAD_POOL_CALLER)

I can not collect information on the reason of that fatal crash under my virtual machine.

I am wondering is there something wrong with my Win8-64bit machine or there is a problem with its drivers !? smiley-sad-blue

It is noteworthy that in fact I programmed my Yun board in my MAC system via Arduino 1.5.4Beta IDE and it seems it works perfectly in my MAC system so maybe there is nothing wrong with the Yun board itself.

What is the chipset that is used Yun board for USB communication and the board programming which is attached to board's small micro usb connector? I could download proper drivers from its vendor.

(I have asked a very same question on but not reply I hope I get an answer here)

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