Compile Github app

Hi friends.

I came here trying to find anyone who can help me out compiling a small windows application from github website.

The guy who posted the code, do not answer any emails =/
I think the final release was deleted from the site accidentally.

Can an expert do this favour to me please?

This is the link:

Thank you very much and a happy new year
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That's C#, not C++, but OK.
Download the whole repository as a *.zip file and unpack it on your Desktop, for example.
Open the *.sln file in Microsoft Visual Studio.
(If you haven't installed it yet or your system complains that there is no program installed to open it, download Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community [ -> Link:] . In my opinion, that's the best choice without having to pay :-) Watch out having checked the .NET and Visual C# features to install. After install finished, open the *.sln file again.)
After that, a project tree view should have appeared at the left or at the right side, the root item should be the project's name. Click the right mouse button and click "Build" / "Rebuild" or "Compile" (or something like that). If there were no problems compiling it, in some of the subfolders should be the executable. Because this seems very hard to explain, I will compile it as well on my own and will send it to you if you weren't able to do it :)
Hi olfibits,

I don't know if you tried to send me anything, I noticed I have my private messages disabled by default =/
Now I have them enabled!
Do you need my email? Or can you send it from PM?

I appreciate your help if you could do this "work" for me. I will be more confortable to use the application made by you this time.

But I will try your tutorial for sure when I have some time for that. Thank you for your good explanation. It would be nice to try myself to create my own compiled .exe

I have only some newby experience on programming some Macros on excel!
I would like to know more about computer programming. I will focus on how to create my own code in the future and build my first exe. For now, compiling an existing code will be a good start!

Thank you very much.
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Ehm, I meant I would send it to you if you aren't able to do. :)
I'll enable my PM so you can send me your e-mail address so I can send the compiled C# executable to you. I think attachments aren't working on that forum.
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Check your inbox!

btw, I'm from Portugal.
Sorry if there's something you can't understand!
I'm from Germany :) I'll see.
I followed your guide andcompiled it myself!

It's working!

Thank you very much olfibits!

I also used a resource application to insert an icon to the exe!
I think Visual Studio can also do that. I will try to find out how.
Glad you could make it work ;)

Edit: To do that in Visual Studio - go to Project Properties/Settings. A new tab should open up (in earlier versions it did) and search for "Resource" - I think you could set up that somewhere. Else look at - they have got a very good documentation ;)
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I found the way to change the exe icon, and also the window tiltle bar icon on the program itself!

Thank you =)
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